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    Default Missed Duty SOPs

    Does anyone have SOGs, SOPs, or Bylaws they could share on members missing duty or failing to complete a unit check? Of particular interest would be those that include some sort of alternative punishment to suspension, such as a work detail.

    IM, E-mail or response here would be great.


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    I am a Captain in charge of all part-time medics at our station. When I have a problem with them completing assigned daily duties I will normally let the chief know and he handles it. There have been times when the squad has not been cleaned and he has had them clean it and wax it. He has also added extra job duties to the already set Daily duites. We have a daily squad check that needs to be completed. Normally this is not a problem having it done. I know I don't want to be without any of my supplies. Anyway, we then have a complete squad check that must be done either the 1st of the month or the 2nd. This means all shelves, drawers, cabinets, everything must be inventoried. This is just an idea, but if you have something like this you might want to have them do a complete inventory of the truck and restock everything that is missing if a daily check is not completed. Obviously, set a date that it needs to be done by, and if it isn't keep adding to the list. Just a thought.

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    We have several rules that apply to this. One of them states that "Members shall perform other related work as required." All members are assigned dates on when they have to do "work detail" and if they fail to find a replacement when needed or fail to show up without notifying the officer on call for that detail, they start with a coaching session. If it happens again they get a verbal warning and a third time is a written warning and a forth is suspention and then termination. All of this is documented and put into one's file. It rarley gets past a coaching session.

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