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    Default Not sure if the reporter need to pay attention in English, or Science class:

    UConn had a small fire in it's boiler plant today...

    From the Hartford Courant:

    The technicians, from the company that built the turbines, quickly shut the door of the turbine and the turbine shut itself off. The employees evacuated the plant and the plant's fire suppression system kicked in, releasing carbon dioxide that flooded the area with a chemical that displaces oxygen to smoothing the fire and chill the equipment.

    1) Releasing carbon dioxide that flooded the area with a chemical...

    Um, wouldn't carbon dioxide be the chemical?

    2) that displaces oxygen to smoothing the fire...

    I'm dying to know if that was a mental typo, a Word auto-correct, or if the guy actually thought you smooth and don't smother fires

    See, we don't just pick on the grammatically challenged posters here

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    C'mon Dal, son't be so hard on him.

    1. CO2 is a chemical compound.


    2. I bet it did go SMOOTHER after the fire was out.

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    The sad thing is that person probably got paid to write that. Someone should teach the author to use commas as well.
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    Default english

    I are a collage gradeate and i wrote really weell and I has my deegree in rightting so I muss be goood. Welcome to the world of todays' education.

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    Whats the old adage? "Know your subject......." or not, I guess.
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