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    Default MDFR Batt Trucks...

    District821- You are absolutely correct. Our RIT equipment is carried in the rear compartment of the truck. But the 'real world' function of these trucks, aside from getting the chief there, is air bottle transportation. The two high side compartments are storage for about 16 SCBA bottles per side. It comes in handy as each of our apparatus only carry an additional bottle per Fire Fighter (typically).

    They also carry our CO monitoring equipment, as well as most of the equipment Chief Squirrel mentioned. However, this isnt the typical 'command' vehicle; meaning we dont have huge white boards, pre plans, communication equipment, or a folding table. We have RV-type command vehicles available for dispatch that come fully stocked.

    I'm back on shift later this week and I'll see if I can get some pictures of the compartments as well as the specs for the truck if ya want them. By the way, is it just me or do these trucks look like beefed up roach coaches?


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    Default Duty Chief / Command Vehicle

    Thanks Iluv4201 as that helps give me a better idea. The FD in particular only has 4 stations and has a lot of steep grades and is an urban paid FD but they have a new SVI Heavy Rescue with the RIT, SCBA's etc. BUT I do like the concept idea for other FD's who want to combine functions and have more capability and storage than that of a Suburban, Expedition etc.

    Thanks and if you do get pics that would be great too as I've seen the new LA City ones and the only concern I have for a FD in a urban area is the size of the 1 ton Light Rescue.

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