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    Question Pre-plans

    I am curious to find out how everyone does the Pre-Plans for your commercial building, etc.. I am a Firefighter with a Volunteer Department in which we are taking steps and moving forward in the fire service. I am going to take on the task of PRE-Planning along with a few crews. I am looking for a few tips or a little help in how different departments do preplans. I work as a Fulltime FF/EMT-I with the City of Washington, NC FD and I am up to date on how we do ours but, I would like as many tips on starting a program that I can get.

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    We use the firehouse program for our preplans. We go out the businesses and do a walk threw with the manager or owner. We note all hazards, utility shut offs, construction type, roof type, max number of occupants normally there during the day, contact information and draw a layout of the building. If they don't already have a knox box we try to see if they will get one, and we check to see that the keys in the knox box still are up to date. We enter the info in firehouse, print it out, and stick it in the binder in the District Chief's suburban. He is at every fire, so that is where the preplans are kept for now. We are talking about moving them back to the respective 1st in engines. Starting up a program at a volly dept I imagine will be frustrating at times. I would recommend that that you either try to do them in the evening when a lot of vollies can go with you to check it out or after you do 5 or 10 of them hold a training night to go over them with everyone in the dept.

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    Try these.
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