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    Hello everyone, I am new to the testing process for firefighting, and just wanted to stop by and ask a question about whether or not smaller combination depts are worth applying to? I have several interviews coming up with about six or seven small combination depts around the state, some having both volunteer and paid in the depts but mostly staffed by volunteers. Just wanted to see if this was worth the time or if they will likely hire their volunteers first? Most of them have me scheduled for an interview with no written or physical agility. Do depts like these know who they want to hire or is it worth preparing for just like a big city dept?

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    Whether they do have a hidden agenda for the hiring process or not, if you're new to the testing battles for fire departments, why not use these as tools to succeed at bigger departments... don't get in the habit of half-waying the process. Practice makes perfect!

    Good luck.

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    Do as many interviews as you can just to gain experience. Do your homework on the department before the interview so that you can incorporate some stats into your interview answers if possible to show that you have done your homework. They usually ask if you have any questions for them at the end and you can clarify anything you need to about the dept. Read some books on fire service interview processes and how to conduct yourself. If you don't want the job you don't have to take it. When one comes up that you do want for sure you can have the backing to nail it.

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    I'd like to think of it as getting your foot in the door. If you were to be hired by one of the "smaller" depts. The experience you gain can do nothing but help you. So to answer your question.....Go for it!!

    Jay Dudley, Retired Fire

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