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Thread: RIT Training

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    Default RIT Training

    How much training goes into RIT? What kind of props do you use to train RIT?

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    For us, 3 years minimum of active service. Firefighter Survival classes. FAST Awareness, FAST Operations. Advanced SCBA. TIC operations. That comes to about 40 hours initial training. Annually, along with normal company drills, 2 hours minimum per month of continued training/drills.

    As for props, we mostly use houses ready for demolition. We've had a few commercial buildings recently as well. Then we add in self-built mazes, temporary sheetrock walls, small enclosures, etc.
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    In our department, members recieve FAST training through the fire 2 class at the local academy. We have not finished setting up a team or an apparatus with the proper equipment. When you look at the fast team training modules in the fire 2 class, its about 47 hours. There are 3 book nights, 1 night for fast, 1 night for RIT, 2 nights for SAR, and 2 nights for Advanced Fast. As a new LT. and the only officer with FAST training, I am kind of taking over any fast team applications in the department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarksneck
    How much training goes into RIT? What kind of props do you use to train RIT?
    That's up to you. Our RIT involved:
    1. SOG for RIT deployment and an SOG for handling a MAYDAY
    2. Training all FFs to act within the RIT and MAYDAY SOGs
    3. Training all FFs in various rescue, search and extraction techniques
    4. Training all FFs not actively involved in the rescue operation to maintain firefighting operations (this is critical, but often overlooked)
    5. Testing all FFs to ensure they meet minimum standards set by the FD
    6. Training all FFs in various self-rescue operations, including activation of the PASS when in trouble and calling a MAYDAY
    7. Re-training all FFs in building construction and fire behavior to help FFs and officers make better decisions about how far to commit themselves at an incident (after all, if we keep ourselves out of trouble, then we won't have to deploy the RIT)

    Our model was adapted from a program at the Illinois Fire Service Institute, modified to fit our needs as a volunteer/POC department. It then became the basis for the MABAS Division 8 RIT program.
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    Was is F.A.S.T.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timm1960
    Was is F.A.S.T.?
    Firefighter Assist and Search Team.


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    We are just setting up our RIT team and I have found a lot a good info on SOG's, training, and operations. We just got done building 4 props. We ain't far from you in (Williamston) if you need some assistance getting started. Send me a mail at fire_rescue0248@yahoo.com and I'll try to help all I can.

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