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    Default Rising From The Ashes

    On Sunday the History Channel ran the pilot for a new series, called Mega Disasters. The opener was the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, being as today is the 100 year anniversary.

    One thing that caused me pause to think is that a comment was made by one of the civic engineers who was extensively interviewed. He asked why people who suffered through such an catastrophic event, and knowing that it could happen again (thinking of Mt Vesuvius and Pompei as one example) would they build on the same site? Historically speaking (ancient times) humans have usually "got the hint" and moved on to a more stable area, once a city gets whacked in such a fashion.

    According to the geologists, the San Francisco Bay area sits on EIGHT fault lines. I guess no one said Humans were smart......

    In any case, enough of the Soap Box Speech.

    Well done to San Franciscans past and present: May your city live long and prosper!

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    If you're a history nut, you can read many of the fire department's company reports here .

    Those guys did amazing things given what they were facing.

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    I was in the shower at 5:13 am, )the time that the quake hit in 1906) so I missed all the fun downtown this morning There were some 1000 or so people down in the financial district this morning along with the mayor, the fire chief, and the police chief to commerate the event. The fire department saved San Francisco that day even though close to 50% of the city was destroyed. I hope somewhere in the events today, they take time to honor the fire department for their heroic actions.

    ok. back to work. no parties for me.

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