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    Unhappy hypertension...

    im currently a 23 year old male 5, 9" 165lbs. im not sure if im worried about nothing or what but my BP ussualy sits at 150/84. im a student, work full time and im a pretty active vollie. so i dont have time to work out a lot. i do at least 25 min. every day of basic work out keeping my pulse and breathing up. after words my BP is 190/94. it goes back down within 5-10 min. i was told that hypertension runs in my family and am trying to make a carreer out of being a FF, so im trying to keep my BP down while im young. any advice or am i just worried for nothing..

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    any advice
    Yes, get your advice from a doctor, not a bunch of nameless people on an internet forum that may or may not have any clue what they are actually talking about. It's only your life.

    Best of luck.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Unfortunately, family history is a factor which we cannot control. Since it is in your family and you're young, fitness will have to be just as much of a passion and priority as firefighting. Controlling your weight, stress, alcohol intake, and smoking are ways which you can help yourself (provided you smoke or drink). Watch the amount of sodium in your diet as well. We need some salt, but too much will raise blood pressure. Start reading food labels.

    As far as exercising is concerned, always check with your doctor before starting a new program. During exercises, avoid holding your breath for more than a second or two during heavy lifts which can tend to raise BP as well. Sometimes doing lifts over your head can raise BP too. Always start light and low and progress slowly. You will have to pay some attention to which exercises work for you and which make you feel worse. Consider checking your BP before, during, and after your training.

    Good luck and stay safe!
    Yours in health & safety,
    Rich Meyer, Strength Coach
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    Default Protein supplements or other...

    I have seen supplements cause an increase in people's blood pressure. Are you taking any protein (or other) supplements? Maybe your body doesn't like them. Do you drink coffee? -it increases alot of people's blood pressure. Did you know weight lifting increases blood pressure in many people?

    Just looking for something that you might not have considered...

    This has to be said:
    Please don't take this personally. But some people do perfromance enhancing drugs. And they can have SERIOUS cardiovascular problems from it. I know a guy back home (Maryland) who did them, and had a stroke at 29. He was a firefighter. Now he cannot work. They determined that he had high blood pressure (that was not familial) because he carried too much muscle weight (thus increasing the body's need for 02) and the the steroids added to that. I have heard other stories around here.

    Dr. Jen
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