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    Talking Pursuing a Career Position... Any Advice???

    Hello All
    I am currently thinking about pursuing a career firefighting position. I'v been in the fire service for almost two years now on a volunteer basis and I love every minuit of it. I am a certified firefighter in the state of Kentucky, and also a certified First Responder. I was just wanting to get yalls opinion on what I can do to better prepare my self and make my chances of getting a job the best I can. Well I appreceiate any input you guys or gals may have.
    Thanks Alot
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    Default Test

    Take tests everywhere you can!!! Just like being a good firefighter experience is everything. The more tests you take the better your chances and the better you will be come at taking them. If you have never seen a firefighter test you might want to go out and get a study guide either off line or at a book store. Keep at it, do not get discouraged if things dont go your way first time around.
    Good luck
    "Far better it is to dare mighty things than to take rank with the poor timid spirits, who know neither victory nor defeat." FDR

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