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    Question automatic aid

    my county is upgrading to automatic aid. we are looking for info on sog's or anything else that may make the change easier.

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    That is good news. I'd like to tell you everything that I can about automatic aid, but the WT wouldn't let me use that much space. Several points to consider:
    Set up a system that emphasizes a STANDARD Response pattern.
    Run everything based on Distance: Closest goes first.
    Make sure EVERYONE plays.
    Work VERY hard to KEEP POLITICS OUT of your operation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwoods
    Run everything based on Distance: Closest goes first.
    Make sure EVERYONE plays.
    Work VERY hard to KEEP POLITICS OUT of your operation.

    Tones - I'll be back!

    Chief, You almost definatly know this but just clarifying for Graysonfd.

    While that seems the logical explanation, many places it is politics rather than who is closest. I am originally from Montgomery County so I understand how alot of the dispatching there works. Graysonfd, it is eaiser for a place with a countywide dispatch center to have the closest unit called, but it is kind of common sense. For some depts. where each has their own dispatch center, many like to have set protocols for who to call everytime. There is nothing wrong with this as it actually may be the more logical choice in some scenarios than calling the closest unit.

    For example (don't kill me for the names ), a working fire gets toned out in Pierceville, it is on the side of town closest to Sutphenburg but Sutphenburg does not have on duty personell at the station during the time of the call. But E-One City does have an engine and truck staffed. The e-one city trucks could roll just as the Pierceville trucks roll. But, then again, if Pierceville has to be toned out and the vollies have to respond to the station and so would the vollies from E-one city and Sutphenburg, it would probably make more sense to dispatch Sutphenburg. Just throwing this out there. This may not be the best explanation but it is what I have to work with at 0119hrs.

    One thing though, it is eaiser for a dept. where each of the little depts. around it has its own dispatch center to have a set auto aid protocol.

    The city where I live(not where I am an explorer) currently has 1 and is on the verge of 2 automatic mutual aid agreements.

    One is with the city across the river. For every structure fire toned out for Perrysburg City, Maumee sends their aerial as Perrysburg's is a ground ladder on wheels (1978 telesquirt, but the 100' pierce platform has just been ordered). Also, whenever Maumee or Perrysburg gets toned out for a water rescue, the other city will respond putting at least 1 boat in the water for a total of at least 2 boats in the water for every water rescue.

    The second which is almost approved now is between Perrysburg City and Perrysburg Twp. this simply states that if there is a structure fire dispatched in either community, the other would automatically send an engine. Both cities have engines and medic units staffed full time.

    And if I offended anyone, my sincerest apologies. As I have said before, What works for one person one place, may not work for someone somewhere else.

    P.S.- What was the call hwoods???
    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    Two towns near me have implemented an automatic aid agreemet. The problem with this is that the city "A" is relying on city "B" and visa versa for there staffing requirements. With some upcoming retirements both citys are not planning on hireing new firefighters. The firefighters union from city "A" has filed a lawsuite against the city for this.

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