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    Default Adopting BLS service

    G-Day gents

    1st post hoping this is the right section to be posting these questions.

    I'm from Queensland, Australia were we run a state wide fire service (Queensland Fire and Rescue Service;QFRS) about 2000 paid,2500 retained,and 40000+ rural volunteers. We have about 60000 calls (recorded) a year spread over both large cities to small towships and have a state population of around 4.5million.

    I'm researching some information (both union and assignment based) and backround on pros and cons of our fire service becoming involved with BLS services. At present we are supression,rescue and community safety orientated. I am looking at the changes that may occur to the service if we took on the First Responder role. I have been invoved in an exchange to Calgary where I was exposed to BLS (first aid, Oxygen and Defib).

    I refer to first responder as turning out to life threaterning calls and using Basic Life Support with oxygen and defib to maintain a patient till ambulance arrives. In Queensland, I would guess the blokes on the trucks are split 60/40 with the majority against the first responder role, but I not wanting to get too invoved in the politics of the subject.

    However I would like some answers to the the questions below to help with a project I am researching. Sorry for the number of questions, breif answers in a single sentence or dot point answers would be great. So in advance thanks for your input.

    Cheers John

    First Responder departments, Basic life support only

    1/Status of employment; paid or retained?

    2/What city and population?

    3/Annual call rate and what percentage are first responder call?

    4/How long has first responder been part of your Dept resposibility

    5/Increase in conditions or wages when the roles were first taken on and by how much?

    6/How many extra staff employed? What is the minium make up of the crew per pumper (1 Capt/Lt 3 firefighters)

    7/How was the dept's budget maintained with the extra workload (eg user pay sytem)?

    8/Was there much resistance to the implementation on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being openly accepted ,5 being strike action

    9/What is the atmosphere now and how long has it been since the first responder was implemented?

    10/Has there been any positive or negative effects to firfighter well-being?

    11/How was your department trained (short dot point explanation)?

    12/Why did the depatment take the concept on (short dot point explanation)?

    13/Web site address to your departments Annual Report document?

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    Well I don't have all of the answers to your questions but what I can tell you is that the fire department needs to continue to evolve and adapt to the community's needs in order to recieve continued support and funding. I am suprised your department doesn't provide at least basic life support care as Firefighter/EMTs. I guess i'm so used to the majority of the fire departments in and around the big cities I live providing advanced life support care with paramedics. I would assume that your members would be able to negotiate better benefits and higher wages with this service.

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    Talking My dept.

    Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    1) Paid (100)
    2) 55,000
    3) 4,000+ (basic medical)
    4) 5 years
    5) No more pay, not one cent.
    6) One Co. Officer, One Driver, One Firefighter
    7) None
    8) 50/50 Old FF's dident want it, New FF's wanted it.
    9) Same
    10) More BS calls and less sleep.
    11) All FF's are first responder's trained while in FF school. After one year they are sent to EMT-B school and after that sent to EMT-I school.
    12) You will save more lives doing medical then you will ever do fighting fire.
    13) www.PineBlufffire.com
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