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    Quote Originally Posted by nmfire
    You are using your cell phone for interior fire attack!?!?!? Your officers allow this and actually participate in it?? Good lord, now I have heard everything! Of all the bad ideas for life safety communications, this is arguably the worst one ever.

    Maybe he just had it in his pocket??
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    By the way KEEPBACK200FEET, you're so dramatic!

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    That is the way I understood it. Oh well maybe he could clarify it for the others. i have used my ptt verizon phone on accident senes to contact one of the other members. I also use it to let hiim know if I am responding because he lives a lot closer to the stationthan I do.
    Stay Safe and live long

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    Quote Originally Posted by truckie8
    PLUS, the i560 phone in my experience has been more then capable of handling the IDLH atmosphere. I hade my phone in a 1200 degree fire the other day. It resisted heat, smoke, steam, and the water from the hose stream. Plus my operations command was able to communicate better with me then over his portable with the other crews.
    This would seem to indicate that they are using cell phones for operational communications inside a burning structure. Clearly not a matter of "oh, lets see if my phone works while I'm in the middle of a fire."
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    Ok point proven. Im not sure if that was the safest thing to use for communications,but he may be on to the next big thing in firegrounds communications
    Stay Safe and live long

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