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    Default Duty Crew Info Request

    I am looking for information on starting duty crews at my dept. Any info would be great. A question I have is 1 night of duty crew do you get credit for the balance of the calls for the week?

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    Say what? ? ?
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    duty crew, a set number of fire fighters which have a set night that they must respond to all calls.

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    I think the confusion is that your poll has NOTHING to do with duty crews.

    My sister company in town has nightly duty crews. All members, whether on duty crew or not, get credit for the call if they respond. If they don't respond, they don't get credit. The duty crew is only a group guaranteeing they will show up for all calls on their night. It does not relieve anyone from having to answer calls.
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    My department in NJ has Duty Crews scheduled Sunday night through Thursday night from 7PM to 10:30PM. Our line officers, with the exception of the chief, each take one of those evenings and are responsible for staffing it. Each month we ask members to sign up for nights they are available to insure staffing during duty crew, if you sign up and can't make it you can swap, switch, or trade with another member. During the DC's we attend to chores, do pre-plans, and most importantly we train. Usually twice a month there is a DC drill. The drill is set up by our training captain who distributes this to our fire line. This is a good way to make sure the majority of our station gets basic refreshers throughout the year in addition to department wide drills that happen at leasst once a quarter. It's a system that we've had in place for a few years now and it works very smoothly. It ensures staffing, allows members who aren't able to be at the firehouse to respond at a reduced rate from home knowing there is already a rig on the road, and most importantly allows training to happen on a more regular basis. hope that helps,

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