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    Question USAR Outergarments

    Need some advice:

    Our technical rescue team is looking for Gore Tex parkas and pants to use in USAR operations. Specifically for cold weather and wet applications. What I am looking for is what manufacturers that the USAR teams are using currently. Pros and cons of the different outergarments that are currently in use, etc. We have a batch on order with a company that I would rather not name that is jerking us around and their customer service is terrible.

    Contact information for the companies would be greatly appreciated!


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    Sometimes it is best to go with what you know will work. Our division team is moving towards Carhartt. http://www.carhartt.com/webapp/wcs/s...atalogId=10101
    I've worn Carhartt (Extremes® Coat) on the jobsite before and stayed warm and dry. As a matter of fact winter of 2004 I was building my own house and because it was only around 30 degrees F for much of the winter the Extremes® Coat was too warm and I wore my Fleece Active Jac / Thermal Lined.
    I wear them for TRT incidents and deployments and have always been happy with how they preformed and held up.
    The Military ECWCS works OK. Depending on the weather you put on a lot of layers. The largest drawback is price (about $325 for a 2nd gen parka)

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    Thanks ADSN. That would probably work for some of our calls but not for the others. We also do a fair number of rural high/low angle and SAR work. We are currently looking at the ECWCS. Just looking for what manufacturers of the ECWCS that teams are currently using.

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    Have you looked at any of the clothing manufactured by companies that make outerwear for mountaineering?

    If you don't need gear that meets NFPA stds (1951 I believe) you should look at companies like Mountain Hardwear (http://www.mountainhardwear.com/), Marmot (http://www.marmot.com/) or similar firms. Many of the manufacturers will work with public safety agencies to supply the gear at less-than-retail prices.

    You may want to consider a softshell vs. hardshell option as well.

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