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    Talking I used the search button

    A certain group in my volly dept. is in the process of trying to get our higher ups to change our high rise packs/rollups. Currently we use 1 3/4 with automatic nozzles We are trying to get them to change it to 2 1/2 with a solid bore nozzle. Iknow there has been lenghty discussions on the forums about this topic, hell I have been part of many of them. So I have plenty of information on the pressures , the tactical uses , pros & cons, etc. However I am looking for a web site or agency where I can get reports on fires going bad or LODD's in relation to insignificant water flow because of using the type of crap we are using now! Also maybe some pics as well, FFFRedd I saw that you had a pic of a fire on a lower floor of a FireProof building, where can I find that? I need some research to get all my ducks in a row so we don't look like a bunch of morons!


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    Would Philly's One Meridian Plaza be a good example?

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    The NIOSH website for LODD investigations is:


    Meridian Plaza will be on there somewhere. in addition, I found the USFA report on Meridian Plaza here:


    LA First Interstate Bank is another good one, fortunately no LODDs


    Also found this UK site, has some good info on high rise fires


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    Try firefighterclosecalls.com

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