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    Every town or county should have a disaster plan to handle the unthinkable. This disaster plan spells out who is in charge of what, it should be written for everyday not just the big one.
    The plan has to be realistic, for a few years I was the EMA coordinator in Addison the players, public works, police, fire, ems must work together. If they don't (for whatever reason) you get what is happening in NY.
    It happens all over, while the departments in Addison worked well together, the Village itself had (and still has) some egos that don't want to be told how to do things so they have problems with the county Homeland Security office.
    For this to work you need guys who can leave "it" at home when the LEPC meets. NY has problems with this, and it will be the NewYorker on the street that suffers.
    As for incident command EVERYONE should participate, again if you wait for the big one to start working together it won't work well.

    Our Police has a policy (unwritten) that every death in town is a murder unless proven otherwise. This started to cause problems a few years back but just talking about the two sides needs settled the problem. It is the same for traffic accidents suspicious packages etc.
    Do yourself a favor and start a dialoge with your police. It could be as simple as inviting them over for dinner at the house some night. A good working relationship will eventually filter up to the policy makers.

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    Up here we commonly use unified command in a scenario like this where multi-agencies are involved, each with a key response role. In a terrorism scenario with mass casualty, and possibly physical fire/destruction, Police and Fire would develop a joint action plan, but for continuity, only one of the IC's would be designated to be the "Face" of the team for media and briefings.

    When used, it seems to work well, and the old adage of "two heads are better than one" seems to apply. Of course if you had a couple of headstrong individuals who couldn't agree on the colour of snow, you could have a problem. I have never seen that arise though.
    Never argue with an Idiot. They drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience!


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