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    Quote Originally Posted by Ledebuhr1
    I thought that all Tak-4's were rated for 24k lbs. So there is different strength
    I knew there were different axle ratings for solid axels but not Tak-4.

    They start at 18,000 lbs.


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    Default Competition Is Good!

    Quote Originally Posted by BC79er
    Hence the reason you write non-vendor specific bid specs using the magic words "or equivalent". Amazing how prices drop when that happens. I modified one spec for someone from the version that the salesperson wrote into a generic one and told them to send it for rebid since only one rep could meet it.

    The next week on the same truck that same dealer's price dropped $20K. I wouldn't have bought it myself, that's the sure sign they had $20K of extra profit on a $170K truck. But that's just me.
    Good For You!! There are so many people that just don't realize that when you let a lot of these dealers "fix the spec" so they can win the bid they are also asking "please really stick it to me on your price". I know of one department in NE Arkansas that has probably given close to $100K more on a aerial and two pumpers than they could have purchased them for. The pumper spec was like 88 pages long and loaded with "NO EXCEPTIONS".

    Most specs have a clause that states that the department is not bound to purchase the lowest bid apparatus. One thing that opening up the specs does is keep everyone honest.

    Would anyone go into a new car dealership where the prices were not marked on the window and tell them that they are going to buy a car today, from them, just give me the price and I will not shop price I will just write you a check. Boy, anyone that does just made a salesmans day for sure.

    Departments, use your head, don't try to get around the bid process. It is there for a reason. There is more than one good builder out there and a little competition never hurt anyone.
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