When you make a friend in the job it tends to stick -rather like ***** to a blanket.
This may be of interest to you guys over the "pond"-I dunno, but here goes.

Many moons ago when the world was reasonably straight-this was in 1961-I met up with one "Lushious" Leslie Ludgrove --he was on the adjoining patch and we met on various "makeups". He was at H33 Beckenham, me at H28 Woodside. He left H33 and joined the fireboat crew on the River Thames--he became a Coxswain and Motorman on first the "Massey Shaw"(yes this was one of the boats that took part in rescuing troops off Dunkirk beach in France WW2) and then the "Fireflare" based at first at Woolwich then Greenwich then at B22 Lambeth River(there was two B22's one landbased one river )
He got a Brigade cottage at H28 Woodside and our friendship continued I watched his two boys grow up in H28's yard(we used to make a dam out of salvage sheets and ladders to let all kids play in the hot weather--of course later on the PC Police put a stop to that). He has been out here and stayed with us 3 times in the 25 yrs since I emigrated and indeed I have just got off the phone after talking to him.
Why am I telling you all this? We have been mates 45yrs(served 20yrs more or less together) and it's his birthday-he is 63 and like me well into retirement--so if you are a "River Rat" like him or a "Road Runner" like most of us--wish him Happy Birthday