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Thread: Off Duty

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    Default Off Duty

    Do you guy (and women) get called in while off duty? How often and when?

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    there are only 16 men plus 1 chief of my career dept so if it is goin to take more man power than whats on duty we get called back to work. the up side to that is we get time and a half plus a 8buck call in bonus an hour.

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    Only if a huricane evac is issued, then we are required to report.
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    My FD has 9 per shift (2 officers, 6 firefighters, 1 dispatcher). We call in the 3 off duty shifts for all reported structure fires, confirmed rescue and haz-mat calls, multiple incidents, and several other types of calls. This usually occurs about 4 to 6 times a week. We may only get 3 of 4 members on many call backs, more for a working fire. We issue pagers to all department members as required by the union contract. Personnel who report back work a minimum of 1 hour at time and 1/2. There is no requirement that a fire fighter return when he is off duty.

    The chief and I are on call 24/7. No OT for us. In addition to the above reasons, we get called in for accidents involving FD apparatus, firefighter injuries requiring medical treatment, and situations where the officer wants a chief officer on scene.
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    We work a 4 platoon system...We are on call for the opposite shift and can be recalled for anything that more manpower is needed. If any shift lays a supply line its an automatic 2 shift call back...that leaves 1 additional shift availble in case we need more manpower. They won't staff at recomended levels so we use the recall system
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    When our minimium staffing was 12 and 3, we did a shift recall for incidents, and if we needed more personnel we recalled another shift.

    Now that staffing has been cut back to 10 and 3 (three years ago, if I recall) we do a full FD recall. We may get up to 20 or more firefighters or as few as 10... depending on the time of day and season.
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    We don't staff at night so we often get called back for after hours fires, also not uncommon to get called in for a strike team out of the area.

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    We work the Berkley shift. We have 3 different call back levels. Level 2 brings in the oncoming shift, Level 3 is all call, Level 4 is Special Ops. Level 1 staffing is what we normally have on duty (all career).

    They're pretty infrequent. Generally only on large fires or multiple big drawn out calls, or some weather situations.

    Not mandatory to come in since they can't do that without paying on call pay and restricting off duty activities, which we don't do.

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