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    Default Firefighter II Classes in North Florida

    Does anyone know of anywhere offering Firefighter II classes anytime soon in North Florida? If so could you email me at jcrow33@comcast.net and let me know?
    My husband (not computer savvy) finished FFI and EMT and has been searching everywhere to try to find it, to no avail!


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    FCCJ is offering a course.
    FSFC in Ocala will have a FFII starting in June(I think).
    St. Augustine starts a FFII every couple of months.

    What area of North Florida are you guys in?
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    Northwest Florida Fire Academy(Pensacola) will be offering the class this fall, Aplications due ASAP, see http://itech.pjc.edu/fire/index.htm for more information

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    There is a FF2 course given at Chipola Jr. College in Mariana, Jackson County The next class will start july 17, Beacuse you already have FF1 you might call Mr. Fowler at 718-2483.

    There is also a FF2 course at Gulf Coast Jr. College, Panama City, Bay County but I don't know the dates or Instructor.
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