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    Default UK/EU Firefighting

    Prompted by a shocking revalation on another thread in Fireground Tactics...
    Do the majority of US members here think that European Firefighing is largely defensive...i.e we don't go into Buildings to carry out rescue and fight fire offensively.

    If that is the case...where in the World did you get that idea???

    By Europe I mean major modern Nations such as UK, Germany, Sweden, Fance etc
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    'Irony'... It's a British thing.

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    Think he was returning some good 'ole' sarcasm Steve

    Hey .... a fog pattern can't reach as far as a straight stream right?

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    I cannot speak for the rest of the EU but I can speak for Britian.

    The Brits are very offensive! Their whole way of firefighting is different on a regular basis because of compartment fires. Their construction is very thick and heavy and very stable. This lends its hand towards fogging or using the pulse and then closing the door.

    This construction is quickly become NOT THE NORM in the UK. Ordinary wood frame construction is the name of the game now.

    Now if you are judging the lack of LODD's due to them not being interior firefighters... you need to look back and do some math. The numbers of firefighters do not compare and the lifestyles are very different.

    Plain and simple...

    I have been to the Essex training facility, Moreton-in-Marsh, and have ridden with the boys from Chelsea in London and Swindon in Wiltshire... and have seen first hand their firefighting capabilities.

    I met many fine people and would gladly attack the gates of hell knowing those fellows had my back. No worries here!
    Always remember the CHARLESTON 9

    Captain Grant Mishoe, Curator of History
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    Steve, I wouldn't put too much stock into that statement but if anyone does have that idea, a quick read of Dave Wilson's Stories should set them straight.

    Then again, it may be a language thing. Information on firefighting outside the use can be hard to follow without a translator - even when we speak the same language. Us Americans can't even decide what to call the big truck that hauls water (tanker or tender) so how can you expect us on the fly translate BAR/PSI, Apparatus/Appliance, Nozzle/Jet, 38mm/Inch and a half, etc. It is much easier to take one look at all those messed up terms and decide y'all have no idea what you're doing.

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    I was in London in 1998.....I smelled that "smell" walked a block or two, and watched a job go down.....LFB pulled up and went into out 2 window on the 3d or 4th floor......they went in.....and put it out, looked pretty damned aggressive and offensive to me....I have a picture...but no I can't share it........yet.
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    You're absolutly right about the compartments and the thick walls.
    God help the fire that tried to get through the terrace I lived in, the walls of those 170 year old houses were stone and very thick.
    Slate roofs make it interesting too.

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    Steve, to answer your question, YES, I think that most American Fire Fighters think that European firefighters do not go inside in the same way "we do".

    I hate this statement "we do" because in America, many many departments operate poorly and/or defensively quite often, and the word aggressive is used so easily and improperly.....

    What I found amusing, is that in European countries, they often think that WE are the defensive firefighters!!
    "An aggressive interior attack does not mean just going inside to put out a fire. THAT'S just doing our job...."
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