These jobs occurred in Reading during April:

----040306: At 0158 hours box 513, 9th & Spring streets, AOF 1043 Moss street. 2&1/2 story vacant MOR dwelling, fire 2nd floor front. Under control time was 0212 and 1 firefighter was transported for a minor eye injury. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M1,C-4 & 9,E13(safety Co.)
----040406: At 1810 hours box 521, 10th & Robeson streets, AOF 1002 N.10th street. 2&1/2 story occupied MOR multiple dwelling, fire 2nd floor with extension to the attic. E-1 involved in minor MVA enroute, additional Engine company special called with the fire placed under control at 1844. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M1,C-4 & 9,E13(safety Co.). S/C: E3.
----040906: At 2211 hours box 64, Hampden Blvd. & Windsor St.,AOF corner of 13th & Windsor streets. Large outside rubbish fire with extension to a 1 story convenience store. Fire placed under control at 2220. Companies assigned: E12,11,1,L3,R1,M1,C-2 & 8,E13(safety Co.)
----041106: At 0955 hours box 1612, Carcella Apts. @ 505 N.10th street. 12 story 40x100 high-rise multiple dwelling, kitchen fire 9th floor in apt. 903. Fire placed under control at 1005. Companies assigned: E1,13,9,3,L3,T1,L1,R1,M1,M3,C-5,7 & 600.
----041306: At 1750 hours box 714, Schuylkill Ave. Lackawanna St.,AOF 1424 Luzerne street. 2 story single family dwelling, fire in the kitchen. Under control time was 1812. Companies assigned: E3,9,1,L3,R1,M2,C-3 & 6,E5(safety Co.)
----041506: ****3rd ALARM FIRE****At 1613 hours box 236, 18th St. & Mineral Spring Rd., AOF 1740 Mineral Spring Road. 3 story occupied duplex dwelling, heavy fire on all floors in the rear extending to exposure 2 (a similar type attached). 2nd alarm struck at 1624 followed by the 3rd alarm for relief at 1654. Fire placed under control at 1748 with extensive overhaul. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E13,1,5,T1,R1,M3,C-2 & 8,E3(safety Co.) 2nd alarm: E9,14,L1,M2,C-1 & 4. 3rd alarm: E11,L3,C-3 & 7.
----041606: At 1721 hours still followed by box 627, 13th & Pike streets, AOF rear of 1343 N.12th street. Outside rubbish fire that extended to the rear of a 3 story occupied MOR dwelling. Fire placed under control at 1731. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M2,C-2 & 8,E13(safety Co.)
----SAME DATE---: At 1925 hours box 6, 12th & Greenwich streets, AOF 1133 Greenwich street. 3 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire in the kitchen. Under control time was 1935. Companies assigned: E9,13,3,L3,R1,M6,C-4,E11(safety Co.)
----042906: At 1337 hours box 51, 6th & Douglass streets, AOF 811 Church street. 3 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 3rd floor. Under control time was 1402. Companies assigned: E11,9,3,L3,R1,M1,C-3 & 6,E1(safety Co.)

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