Will someone help me sort stuff out about the fdny? looking at all teh companies etc. is confusing me.

-Ferrara built fdny a hazmat. didn't hazmat company 1 already have an 02' rig? they also, according to ferraras website, built decon units on Mack MRS, who are those assigned to, and do they have any thing to do w/ the SOCs tractor trailers that are built by advanced containment systems?

-General saftey and ferrara built rescues after 9/11. both say rescue services. What is that? I thought the spirit of lousisiana was rescue 6... E-one also donated a freightliner...just says special operations. what does it do?

-finally, what happened to the ALF and e-one engines that a few companies had?

I am confused, and these might sound stupid, but i am from MA, and don't have a working knowledge of this great department.