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Was reading through a bunch of the posts and was amazed there are still guys out there that are worried about what others will think. Laughing at someone who is wearing an SCBA - give your head a shake. You are not wearing the SCBA for others but for your own protection. Many of the hazards may not affect you today or tomorrow but many years later. Wonder why the cancer rate is higher among fire fighters. One comment was that you should wear it when the environment is IDLH, the only way you can determine that is with air monitoring and I do not hear of to many fire fighters taking in an air monitors. Wear the PPE and be protected and you won’t have to worry about what the environmental hazards are.

Stay safe.
I was referring to entering a dwelling with confirmed pot of food to place fans, etc. I agree whole-heartedly that if you don't know, it won't kill you to put the mask on and breathe air. Also, kudos to not caring about those who mock you for packing up. Every dept. has members like that, and that is fine for them, but don't go breathing cyanide just to avoid being picked on and using the excuse that you didn't think it was that bad. If you want to live beyond 50, then pack up!

Another side note, make sure you pack up for ALL gas odor calls. There are plenty of issues of FFs not doing so and using a gas detector, finding gas, then running out to pack up! That is ridiculous. I at the least pack up even for outdoor odor investigations because a former dept of mine had such a situation and a big boom that pretty much ended two careers and killed two other people.