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Incorporation Lawyer Needed and Administrative Support

By Admin, Section Missouri News
Posted on Fri Nov 16, 2005 at 11:02:49 AM EST

An incorporation lawyer and administrative support is needed to start a new nonprofit which is in the final re-writing process of establishing a series of Disaster and Disaster Fire Battalions across the United States.....

The first battalions will be established in Missouri, then Ohio, Colorado, Wyoming, and New York state.

With input from FEMA, we would also like to place 2-4 disaster equipment battalions in the southern states, far enough away from the coast as not to be destroyed by hurricanes, but close enough to rapidly respond afterward.... these battalions, regardless of location, can only be activated by FEMA or the host state authorities!

Otherwise the equipment will be used for training only until activated by the authorized entities.

For more information....

Contact info:
or 417-864-7297 before 9am Central Standard Time

For Southern Missouri Emergency Services, Inc.
Missouri NFP Group

J. Duane Robinson, VP, CESO
Chief Executive Safety Officer

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P.S., We NEED an incorporaton lawyer for getting this started, people.

Ron Schie, head of the Communications Dept., Drury University, will have the 18th version (17th re-write) done sometime soon.