We wanted to introduce ourselves to you. We are the Hepatitis C Multicultural Outreach, located on 10603 Blue Ridge Blvd, in Kansas City, MO. As many of you are already aware, Hepatitis C is the most commonly transmitted blood virus in the nation, and that for every one person with HIV, there are four with Hep C. Our organization is here to provide education, materials and support for those infected and affected by the Hep C virus.

Our outreach address issues of screening, testing and counseling for the patient and their family. We help provide treatment for those who can't afford it, and we work with other agencies to address needs that come up as a result of this virus.

Needless to say, Firefighters, policemen, doctors and most importantly, nurses are at the greatest risk of getting hep C. Our services help to provide where there is no provision, and we work to create opportunities to enlighten and bring understanding to those who think this is "someone else's virus."

Today in Kansas City, the council will proclaim the month of May, "Hepatitis Awareness Month", with May 10th being designated as, "Hepatitis C Awareness Day." With your permission, we of the HEP C-MO would like supply all the firefighters of the Jackson County and surrounding areas with purple awareness ribbons signifying the need for others to become "Hep Aware".

The ribbons have written on one side - "HEP C-MO" and the other side has "5,000,000" signifying the numbers of infected throughout the U.S. Of the 5,000,000 infected in the U.S.

Please contact us at 816.767.8472 and let us know how many ribbons your station would like us to send to you. We'd like to see you wearing the ribbon on May 10th.

Thank you,

Johanna Blanding-Koskinen
Executive Director
Hep C-MO