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    Exclamation Happy International Firefighters' Day today!

    Please feel free to forward the following to all of your firefighter friends and supporters:

    Dear Firefighters, friends and supporters of firefighters,

    It is that time of year again where we stop to honour the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of firefighters worldwide.

    Today in many parts of the world it is still May 4th - International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) (and the feast day of the Patron Saint of firefighters, St Florian) - a day when many people will be able to reflect on the amazing dedication and commitment of firefighters and fire workers in all fire services and countries. It is also a day when communities can celebrate and thank their firefighters by wearing the IFFD symbol - a blue ribbon pinned over a red ribbon (representing the elements we work with - water and fire).

    Next Sunday (the first Sunday in May), will be the International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) Sound Off. The sound of a siren will ring over many communities and fire departments worldwide at noon (local time) for 30 seconds preceeding a minute's silence in memory of all firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice or passed on.

    Take a moment to stop and thank a firefighter, their family or their colleagues in the fire organisation this week. If you're a firefighter take time to thank a felow firey, one or more of your mentors (perhaps they have retired or moved on from your fire organisation) or even a firey from a different organisation, service or country. Today with modern communication we can touch the lives of people on the other side of the world so why don't you send a greeting card or forward this message and thank them for their dedication?

    Firefighters the world over may wear different uniforms and utilise different equipment however we all have some common traits - we put our lives on the line in the protection of life and property and to protect our communities. Being a firey means that you are part of a very close brotherhood - and an amazing family.

    In the words of an amazing verse I once found:

    When you mix training and dedication you're called a PROFESSIONAL
    When you mix compassion and caring you're called a FRIEND
    When you mix bravery and selflessness you're called a HERO
    When you mix all three you're called a FIREFIGHTER.

    To all firefighters the world-over - THANKYOU! Please take care of yourself and your crew in your battle against fire and in the protection of others.


    Lt JJ Edmondson
    Victoria, Australia

    International Firefighters' Day - May 4th


    Sound Off in their Honour - the first Sunday in May
    Wear your blue and red ribbons in support of firefighters - May 4th
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