Hey guys-
I am the daughter of a retired firefighter of the FDNY. I am a reporter who is getting her masters right now in Chicago at the Medill School of Journalism. I am working with the Local 2 union in Chicago to do a really interesting story on residency rules in the city of Chicago. I am looking for some people willing to talk on camera about why they love/hate the residency rules here that require all firefighters to live within the city confines, despite soaring urban prices that make it especially tough on probationary firefighters to own a home, make a living, etc etc. I was wondering if you may know anyone willing to talk about this issue. I was also wondering if you had any more information on residency rules: how they came into existence, how many cities/states have them, how many have relaxed them, etc etc.

Thanks so much! You can email me at Shawna.Ryan@gmail.com