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    Default veterans prefrence in chicago exam

    when I applied for the chicago entrance ff exam, I asked if there was any prefrence for military personnel, as I am a marine, and they gave me a veterans prefrence form.

    does anyone know exactly how and when the veterans prefrence is going to aide me in the process?

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    I can't answer your question but I want to thank you for serving our country. I wish more departments gave military preference, you all deserve it!

    Here are some thoughts on military men and women:

    Military Experience
    Candidates who have served our country in the Armed Forces have a huge advantage over those who have not. It is generally believed that while you may not have as many certificates and fire science units as the other candidates (you were busy serving our country), you offer much more.

    Experience shows that candidates with military experience usually possess the following attributes:

    1. They are very mature.
    2. They understand the need to get along with others.
    3. They understand commitment.
    4. They are usually physically fit.
    5. They demonstrate respect for authority.
    6. They understand the chain of command.
    7. They are used to working in a structured environment.
    8. They understand doing something right the first time.
    9. They are used to working unsupervised.
    10. They understand doing a job or task is a reflection of themselves.
    11. They understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

    If you are still in the military and are interested in a career in the fire service, it is important that you start making provisions NOW. Start taking online fire science courses.

    If possible, put yourself in a position to get fire service-related training such as Medic or Corpsman. Hazardous Materials and firefighter training will also be beneficial. Lastly, work on general education courses so you can earn your Associates degree.

    Do not be intimidated by all of the candidates who have every certification under the sun. They were able to obtain these as full time students while you were busy fulfilling your obligation to the American people.

    A candidate who is an EMT, possesses related experience as a reserve or volunteer firefighter and is active taking fire science courses is usually at the top of his or her game. Get your qualifications, learn how to take a fire department interview and earn your badge.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief
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