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    Default Supplements/Growth Hormone releasers

    Supplements/Growth Hormone releasers

    I get so many questions about supplements...
    Here's something I found very interesting:
    A patient of mine came to me, and asked if human growth hormone releasers worked. He wanted to use it to build muscle strength, and slow down aging.
    I did some research of the information out there, and found that many companies are selling these tinctures. This multi level is claiming that this supplement will slow aging, and significantly increase HGH release by the anterior pituitary so someone can get stronger faster.
    Bottom line is, what I read was: they are really expensive and they don't do anything.
    If you have heard this, or are interested in learning more... maybe eliminating the expense of supplements that cost alot of money... or cause side effects...
    Read this web site:

    Keep in mind this: I did not say that Human Growth Hormone doesn't work. (It is illegal for non- medical use, though) I said that supplements that are claiming that they increase growth hormone release (by the anterior pituitary) aimed at increasing strength and muscle mass do not appear to work.
    They do use actual growth hormone injections in children with pituitary disfunction, and that's a whole other story- briefly covered in this article!

    Dr. Jen
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