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    At work we don't wear bunkers when we drive. -- Gear has to be with us obviously and if I'm going to be committed to a pump operation, once I've established my supply, etc...I'll usually put them on.

    I transferred from another combination department where one of the volunteer members actually doned his entire set of PPE before getting behind the wheel. Never quite understood it but it satisfied him --- His response was that if the apparatus was in a collision you wouldn't be covered by insurance unless you were in full PPE. I'm sure there are stipulations and clauses in that but I never really researched it......Took a diffrent job at another combo department.

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    my dept doesnt except for night when there is only two on duty, but the ladder driver has to

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    Here it's optional but the Bunker Boots must be leather. I don't think the rubber boots are even issued anymore, but any in service are not to be worn while driving.

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    If you are not first due then you might actually be operating as a hose jockey so you might as well be ready to go. Unless on a medical run, I always put on the pants at least - driving in that dang coat is just too uncomfortable for me.

    I just figure that I might as well be ready to go as much as I can be on the way to the call because you never can tell what you are going to get into when you get there.
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