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    With a few exeptions, our county uses a plain approach to numbering. Each district (there are 15 individual fire jurisdictions and 8 EMS districts) has a number, and we use the piece of equipment and the station number. For example, we are Station 15, and have Engine 15, E-151, E-152, Brush 15, Boat 15, Rehab 15, etc. Chiefs are also identified that way. (Chief 15)

    EMS uses a similar system. Station 1 has Medic 11 and M 12, Station 2 has M 21 and M 22, Station 8 has M 81. It lets the IC know what he has on the way to him, and from where. It isn't perfect, but it seems to work well. This system has only been used for the past few years, but caught on well. The neighboring county seems to be moving towards this slowly. As with any department, change doesn't always happen quickly.
    Glenn Rainey
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoFF View Post
    A long time ago when we got our first engine, it was called "Engine 1" Then we got another and we called it "Engine 2" Now it gets tricky because we also got a truck. This they decided to call "Truck 1" then another truck came along and it was called "Truck 2" and on and on. Pretty easy system. We do have higher numbers than we have units, but that just comes from companies being taken out of service. We only have 97 or 98 engines now but our top number is engine 129.
    Same evolution here. We have no fire "stations" as some departments do with station numbers. They are firehouses. In conversation or when answering the phone the houses are refered to as an example "10 Engine" or "4 Truck ."

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    Thumbs up

    Central dispatch in Vanderburgh County uses a prefix such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
    1 is Evansville City fire. Trucks are numbered by station such as: 1E1, 1L1, 1R1, 1E2, 1E3, 1R3, 1E4, 1Q5 and so on.
    2 is Evansville Police
    3 is Vanderburgh Sheriff
    4 is Scott Township Fire
    5 is McCutchanville Fire
    6 is Knight Township Fire
    7 is Perry Township Fire
    8 is German Township Fire

    This system is well organized for many departments on mutual aid runs when several departments on the same channel. City fire, Police are on seperate channels. Sheriffs have their own. And the Suburban Departments have a common dispatch channel.

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    Our area should have changed to the 700#'s to comply with some new standard in IECS. No one really did it, and we still have yet to do it, however, it would have been somewhat of a good idea. Other than the fact that you can not tell the difference between an ambulance and an engine.

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    Wow some of thoose vehicle numbers are confusing,or I am just too use to our numbering system . Our 911 center dispatches all but a few departments county wide and they all use the same numbering system except for 1.For example my company's engine is E-53-30, E = Engine,53 = is our district number,and 30 is our truck number,and every truck in the county except for the 1 city is numbered that way.E = Engine,L = Ladder,T = Tanker,R = Rescue,and M = Misc.The district numbers are alphabetical starting at 15. The truck numbers are choosen by the departments who own the trucks,for example we have 4 trucks numbered 10,20,30,and 40, other departments nearby may start at 10 so their trucks may be numbered 10,11,12,13,etc. Chiefs numbering pretty simple too,our chief is Car 53,1st ***'t is 53-1,and 2nd ***'t is 53-2. Our numbering system must work pretty well cause I know of a guy in a neighboring county who says there are quite a few departments there trying to get their county to switch over to our numbering system.

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    We have 12 individual departments in the County. So the initial identifier is the department name.

    then there is a numbering series

    1 - 9 is an officer by rank (1 = Chief; 2 = Dep. Chief ...)
    10 - 19 is an engine with less than 1,000 gallons of water
    20 - 29 brush truck
    30 - 39 is an engine with 1,000 gallons or more
    40 - 49 is an aerial (any type).
    50 - 59 tanker
    60 - 64 ambulance
    65 - 69 rescue
    70 - 79 indicates a portable radio not assigned to an officer or apparatus
    80 - 89 utility vehicle
    90 - 99 is medical officers

    So, Insert-name-here 33 responding says from what dept. and what apparatus is responding


    Confused 1 is chief from the confused fire department.

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    I always liked my county's numbering system, it seems practical.

    It consists of 4 digits. The first two digits indicate the community (1400 is Hastings, 2100 is South St. Paul, 3500 is Rosemount, 3600 is Inver Grove Heights, etc.).

    Each police officer's badge number is assigned a number under 50 or 60 (i.e. 2623 would be an West St. Paul police officer). Squad cars may be given a shop or city number, but for dispatch, cars are not numbered. (example- dispatcher: "2600 car for a 10-50" officer: "2638 responding")

    On the fire side, it's a little more loose, but it still more-or-less follows the criteria.

    Fire numbers start at around XX70 (example: 3670 is Inver Grove Heights Fire command). Trucks are numbered starting around XX80 (3680 is an Inver Grove pumper, as is 3684). Rescue is almost always XX90 (3690 & 3691 are Inver Grove Heights rescue trucks).

    Of course, now the county is going to 800mhz and this numbering system is being phased out and the fire departments are going to traditional (Engine 11, etc.) numbering.

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    Reading some of these posts, numbering systems can be NUMBERING SYSTEMS. Here is ours which seems pretty simple.

    We have a designator and 3 digit numbering system

    First what are you?
    Engine Co
    Truck Co
    Squad Co
    Brush Co

    Second our district assigned number for our town

    Third what is your station designator?
    *each station has at least one engine, and no more than two

    Fourth what Station are you?

    So here goes

    Truck Co 201 is the first Truck Company from Station 1
    Truck Co 211 is the second Truck Company from Station 1
    Truck Co 202 is the first Truck Company from Station 2

    Engine Co 201 is the first Engine Company from Station 1
    Engine Co 202 is the first Engine Company from Station 2
    Engine Co 212 is the second Engine Company from Station 2

    Battalion 203 is the Battalion Commander from Station 3
    Battalion 204 is the Battalion Commander from Station 4

    I think you get the idea...

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    Just recently the entire county city included renumbered all the stations and equipment so there were no duplicates in the CAD. This was done because the county and city dispatches were intergrated. So there is only one ENG 1, Ladder 1, etc. In cases where there are multiple companies in the same house the # 2 is placed in front the unit ID. @ station 3 you have Eng 3, 203. Station 28's service truck are; truck 28, truck 228.

    Before this everything was based on station number and unit designation
    Station number was first then truck number;
    Engine 1,2,3
    Tanker 4,5
    2 wheel drive brush 6
    4 wheel drive brush 7
    Utility trucks 8,9
    Squad/Rescue (station number)

    Station 45:
    Engine 451,452,453 456/457/458/459
    Tanker 454,455 Squad 45 / Rescue 45
    Chief 45

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    If you would have 3 engines, 2 tankers, 1 tower, 2 brush trucks, and 1 rescue, we would number our apparatus as follows:

    Engine 6
    Engine 61
    Engine 62

    Tanker 6
    Tanker 61

    Tower 6

    Brush Truck 6
    Brush Truck 61

    Rescue 6

    Our unit numbers would be as follows 600, 601, 602, and so on. 600 would be the chief. This lets dispatch know who and what is responding and from where.

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    Default Apparatus numbering

    I agree with ADSNWFLD, the new numbering system is silly, how hard is it to say Eng. 631, any fool should know what type of apparatus this is. As for assigning a number that represents which station it is coming from such as station 1,2 or 3, what good is it if you don't know where that station is.

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    in south jersey in gloucester county we have the following county wide system

    1-4 are engines/tenders
    5 is a brush truck
    6 is a ladder
    7 is a utility
    8 is a heavy rescue
    9 is a chiefs car

    then they use a 4 digit system

    say town a is district 12 then there are 3 firehouses so they would each be 12-1, 12-2 and 12-3

    so a ladder from 12-1 would be 1216

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    Default Numbering System

    Here in Monroe County, NY we use a fairly simple system. It's based on battalions, departments, stations, and apparatus type. The county is divided into 6 battalions with several departments in each battalion. Each apparatus type is assigned a number.

    The first number is the battalion

    The second number is the department

    The third number (optional) is the station number or designator for multiple units of the same type.

    The fourth number is the apparatus type.

    1= Truck
    2,3,4,5= Engine
    6= Grass fire truck
    7= utility
    8= rescue
    9= ambulance
    0= Quint

    So, 4310 would be
    Battalion 4
    Department 3
    Station 1

    It works pretty well once you get used to it.

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    Thumbs up Here how We Do It

    This is done for all departments in Elmore County Alabama

    They first number is the station number

    Example: 6 is Holtville FD, 12 is Millbrook

    01 through 09 are pumpers Example 602,606 Holtville Pumpers
    10 through 19 are tankers
    20 through 24 are brush units
    25 through 35 are any medical type unit
    36 through 39 are support/service vehicles

    For personal 100,200,300........so on and so on are the Fire Chiefs for what ever station that 1st number is for.....Example 1200=Millbrooks Chief
    -40=Assist Chief
    -41 through -49=Capt,Lt, and Sgts
    -50 through -99= All other personal

    Hope this helps
    Stay Safe!!

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    We use a system where each town has a number assigned to it.

    For example:
    The Town of Vernon Fire Department is assigned number 41

    Chief Officers:
    Chief-Car 41
    1st Asst-Car 141
    2nd Asst-Car 241
    Duty Officer-Car 341
    Captains-Car 441 thru Car 1341

    Units from Station 1 are as follows
    Engine Tank 141
    Tower 141
    Rescue 141

    Units from Station 2
    Engine Tank 241
    Special Hazards 241
    ATV 241

    Units from Station 3
    Engine Tank 341
    Service 341

    Units from Station 4
    Engine 441
    Engine Tank 441
    Truck 541-New aerial didn't fit in old station. Was moved to Station 4
    Rescue 441
    ATV 441

    Units from Station 5
    Engine Tank 541

    Units from Station 6
    Rescue 541, 641, and 741

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    Back home, it was Town Name, Apparatus Type, Number. IE Mount Horeb Engine 1. When talking just between local units, it is Engine 1, Ladder 1, Rescue 40, etc.

    'Round these parts, we have Medic 1, Medic 2, Medic 3, Medic 4, and Medic 6. Fire side, they number the same way. Crash 1, Crash 2, etc.

    We pretty much do the same thing in the air, too.

    We're the military. And we aren't confused by it.

    Air Force Medic

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    Default Putnam Count Ny Identifiers

    In My County We Have A 3 Digit Numbering System For Apparatus That Seems To Work Very Well We Have 13 Fire Departments, Some Run An Ambulance And 4 Separate Ambulance Corps

    1)the First Digits Are The Department # Assigned Alpabetically

    2)the Next Digit Is The Type Off Apparatus Or Rank

    1 Chief Officers
    2 Pumpers
    3 Brush Trucks
    4 Tankers
    5 Ladders/towers
    6 Rescue Trucks
    7 Ambulance
    8 Fire Police/utility
    9 Captians/lieutenants

    3)the Next Digit Is The Next # In Sequence

    Examples; My Identifier Is 22-1-2, My Rescue Truck Is 22-6-1, My Tankers Are 22-4-1 And 22-4-2

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    I still haven't figured out our system and I've never remembered to ask at dept. meetings.

    451 Old Engine
    453 New Heavy Rescue, was our old Mini pumper
    456 Medical Rig (Ford Expedition)
    457 Brush Truck
    461 New Engine

    So I guess we're bookended by engines with everything else in between.

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    Default vehicle numbering

    my department has it set up each station is number station 1-5 so each station apparatus carries that number ie engine 1 rescue 1 truck 1 are at station one and on and on

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    First I have to say as long as a company has a number system that works for them it's good, and I never truly believe there will ever be a national numbering system.

    I personnel do not care for the numbering systems like engines 1-3 trucks 4 etc. More to learn and remember, and when you get new members it seems to be a problem.

    Our county and surrounding counties use a numbering system for each company. Each county starts at 1 and works up until they are out of companies. So, my station number is 147. Then you give an unit identification. Callsigns would be 147 station; 147 Engine; 147 Engine 2 (if you have one); 147 Rescue; 147 Tanker; 147 Chief; 147 Captain. Now if a company reguarly runs into another county they can get assigned a county number from there. Ours just happens to be 147 in the 2 counties that we respond to. Now if a company 11 was responding from Westmoreland County into Allegheny county they would use Command from "Westmoreland 11 Engine". It seems pretty simple even for new members. 1: Everyone should know what county they live in. 2: Know what kind of apparatus they are riding ( Engine , Truck, Rescue, Etc.) and what station they are with as well as some of they Mutual Aid companies.

    So if you got John Doe here fresh out of the fire school running as a gofer for equipment and someone tells him to get a saw off of 26734; he might give you a weird look. If you told him 147 Engine or Westmoreland 147 Engine its just seems simple. Walk down the line of trucks and look for A: an Engine , B: Station Number. I do not have to remember 4 is a truck or 9 is a tanker and it is the 3 number in line unless its a 6 digit number then it is the fourth, or what ever the system is. Remember "KISS" (Keep it simple stup**) Thats why I do not like 10 codes. Just tell me what you want to say not tell me 24738 10-24 with 10-75 we have a 10-12 across the street notify 124245. (No I have no Idea what any of those 10 codes are)

    Just tell me that 147 Engine is on scene with a working fire and that there is a riot across the street and notify the police.

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    In my county, we are a mabas division so all aparatus are numbered similarly.

    Each Department has a number
    1 Algonquin
    2 Cary
    3 Crystal Lake
    4 Woodstock

    Then apparatus types are designanted
    00-39 Officers
    40-49 Engines
    50-59 Squads and Ambulances
    60-60 Brush Rigs
    70-79 Tankers
    80-89 Trucks
    90-99 Misc.

    This system seems to work well

    When we go enroute we would say

    In town "Woodstock Engine 35 is enroute" (We have our own dispatch)

    MABAS "MABAS Division 5 Engine 435 is Enroute"

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    Default More numbering...HAHA!

    All of our district numbers are in 2000. The second number is station number (we have 7 stations), and the third and fourth numbers are unit numbers. Example: Asst chiefs are 2x01 and Capts are 2x02. I am the asst chief of station 6...my number is 2601. The Capt of station one is 2102. The fire chief is 2000.

    Apparatus is numbered as follows:
    -station 6 engine is 2650
    -station one has 2 engines, 2150 & 2151 (reserve)
    Brush Truck-70

    Of course we are the only ones in the County using this system...LOL! But it started when the district was formed.

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    Bumping a slightly stale thread here, I know....

    I am copying a post that I put up at IACOJ to see how the wider audience reacts or rejects my idea.

    If anyone's area actually adopts my grand master scheme to identify all the fire trucks in the world, I am sure we can arrange some royalties through PayPal....


    I have devised a new system that breaks free of all scaling limitations, but it is not entirely traditional so I do not expect it to be lovingly embraced by many (if any), but here it goes anyway.

    Although my explanation is wordy, the system is actually extremely simple.

    The kicker: It requires the use of a letter in the numbering scheme.

    Each agency would be assigned a letter.
    Metropolis Fire Dept = "A"
    Sim City Fire Rescue = "B"
    Gotham Fire & Life Safety = "C"

    Each station in that agency would be identified first by station number, then the letter.
    Metropolis has three stations = 1A, 2A, 3A
    Sim City Fire Rescue has five stations = 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B

    Each piece of a particular resource type out of the station would be identified by a number following the station identification. The resource type would still be NIMS-friendly plain english.

    The first ladder out of Metropolis Station 1A would be Ladder 1A1, read phonetically over the radio as "ladder one-adam-one".

    The first engine out of Sim City Station 4 would be Engine 4B1, read phonetically as "engine four-baker-one", while the second engine out of the same station would be Engine 4B2, read phonetically as "engine four-baker-two".

    Yes, the names of our rigs would start sounding like squad cars, but...

    This system could accomodate an infinite number of stations on one side of the agency's letter code and and an infinite number of identical resources out of the same station on the other side of the letter. The numbers on either side of the middle letter are not limited to any particular number of digits and the letter precludes any need for hyphens or other potentially confusing separators.

    Extreme crazy example: If Gotham Fire & Life Safety had 45 engines at their 1,305th fire station, the 45th engine out of that massive fire station would be Engine 1305C45 and no one could possibly confuse that rig with anything else.

    The one apparent limitation - that you'd run out of letters if you had more than a total of 26 agencies - would be circumvented by going into double letters, and it would still prevent ambiguity 100% of the time.

    You only have to be stupid once to be dead permanently
    IACOJ Power Company Liason
    When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution
    and is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy. - Dave Barry.

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    we have a uniformed system in our county here in West Virginia;
    the station numbers are by hundreds, such as 100, 200, 300, 400 and so on, the uniformity part is this;
    60-69=tankers/water tenders
    70-79=squads/supports/air units

    that's just the way we do it, works wonderfully for us, this way anyone in the county who we may be giving/receiving mutual aid assistance to/from knows when a unit marks 'en route', we know what they're responding with.

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    What happened to keeping it simple? Agency...Apparatus type... Unit number? I guess a numbering system can work great when every one knows the system, but what happens at a multi agency response that brings in apparatus from different countys and states? Isn't that what NIMS is about? Interoperability? (Then again, they want you to call a floor a division... maybe that is a bad example)

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