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    Polygraph and Voice Stress Analyzer (VSA)

    Is there a polygraph or Voice Stress Analyzer (VSA) in your future? ABC’s Dateline did a special on the VSA. Here’s a segment from the report:

    'Nothing More Than a Prop'

    "This device (VSA) is nothing more than a prop," said John Palmatier, who earned a doctorate in psychology and who studied the machine for the Michigan State Police Department, where he worked. He said his study along with others found no scientific basis for Humble's claims, the inventor of the VSA.

    One evaluation critic of the VSA said, “The VSA has no better chance of determining if someone is lying as hooking someone up to a sewing machine.”

    In an interview with the inventor of the VSA, Humble, it was revealed that he has questionable credentials in this field, there are no scientific research or studies that can validate if the VSA works, and he has a phony degree in psychology hanging on his wall. This is the machine that’s going to pass judgment on whether you get a badge or not.

    "You could not accurately discriminate between truthful and deceptive subjects using that device (VSA)," said Palmatier. As to whether the device could be used as a scare tactic, Palmatier answered, "Oh, exactly. Police officers have for years."

    You can read the entire report here:

    Bottom line you need to prepare for every step in the hiring process before you get there including the polygraph and the VSA by going to www.polygraph.com

    There is much more on the Voice Stress Analyzer (VSA) here:
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