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    Default need some advice!

    hey whats up everyone? i have been reading the past posts and all and they have alot of good info in them. but i have just not been able to sick with one good work out. im in a vol. fire co but someday want to go paid maybe. i work as a full time big rig mechanic and its a hard job. i want to get into shape for both jobs but i really want to preform better on the fire ground. anyone have any tips for someone with not alot of time in the day. i do lift some and all but i just cant seem to sick with something good for me. if anyone has any tips that would be awsome!!! and i thank you all!!

    keep it safe!

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    Default Good whole body/fast...

    I would stick to major muscle groups and super sets. Move quickly from one exercise to the other, and back. NO rest. keep going up in weight and down in reps. I'd start with a weight you can do 20 of, then 12, then 10, 8, 6, 4. I'd go to failur on the last set. This will keep your heart rate high by using alot of muscle groups at once, and give you all your majors:

    Here are some good super sets:
    smith machine squats and lat pulls
    Weight lunges on the smith machine and push-ups
    Decline leg press and pulls ups
    Hamstring curls and incline pec flies

    Then super- set for 5 sets: get a drink of water after each super set:
    100 bicycle abs and 12 laterflexions each side on the hyperextension bench.
    I think there's a picture of the lateral flexions here:http://www.fireagility.com/cpat_events.php
    Make your range of motion big and don't jerk!

    Try the above workout. It should take you about an hour with stretching if you MOVE IT! Do it twice a week. Rest between! Then on the 3rd day, lighten your weights to the weight you did 20 reps. Slow down your reps for every exercise. Do count of 10 up and count of 10 down. You should fail at about 7-8 reps. You should be shaking like a leaf. Do 3 sets.

    I do this last thing because loading the muscle for this long each reps recruits so many more muscle fibers that it builds strength fast.

    Remember, this is a quicky workout. You really need to get creative. If you stay with just these exercises for long, your body will acccomodate and the benefits will stop being so great. Change it up. Do alot of different things that will shock (not hurt, per say) your body into growing stronger!

    Dr. Jen

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