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    Default FDIC Not So Great?

    I must say I'm surprised at the lack of talk about FDIC this year. Usually about this time, everyone is talking about what they liked or disliked at FDIC. I didn't make it this year myself so I can't comment, but I would like to hear what's new and exciting.
    Anyone go?

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    I have not attended this event. But I did talk to a dealer who attended and he said he did not hear any "Wow, did you see what XXXX has in their booth?" type talk.

    I talked with him about it and he thought that most of the Wow Geewiz efforts had been diverted into getting ready for the new 2007 engines.

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    I enjoyed it, but I always do.

    The only bad part was that I could not make it to the gathering of the Crusties.


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    Default Alexis w/ composite body

    Anyone take a look at the Alexis engine with the composite body that Alan Saulsbury is promoting?

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