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    Default Second Denver Firefighter Critically Injured

    The Denver Fire Department has suffered a second huge blow this week as a second firefighter was found in cardiac arrest at a house fire in north Denver. Lt Montoya, who was 15 shifts away from retirement, is in a drug induced coma at Denver Health Medical Center. Please keep Lt Montoya and all brothers in your mind.

    DENVER - A firefighter critically injured Sunday morning was scheduled to retire in just two months. He was hurt while fighting a house fire in North Denver. Something went terribly wrong," said Denver Fire Lt. Phil Champagne. 61 year old Rich Montoya, a 30 year fire department veteran, was found in a second floor room with a mattress on top of him.

    Montoya was found by other firefighters who heard the screeching tone from an emergency device he was carrying. Montoya was given CPR on his way to a Denver hospital where he is now listed in critical condition. A spokesman for the fire department says it will be 24 to 72 hours until Montoya's prognosis is known.

    The fire started about 4:30 Sunday morning at a home near East 44th Avenue and Thompson Court. When crews got on scene flames and smoke were shooting out of a second story window. Firefighters acted quickly and rescued one woman from the second floor. She is in critical condition at a Denver hospital.

    According to Champagne, it was after that rescue when something happened that trapped Montoya. At the time of the accident, conditions were very bad inside the home with no visibility and heavy smoke. A second firefighter was also hurt during the rescue. He is expected to be fine.

    A person who lives in the house says the fire started because a cotton ball was left too close to a candle. The cotton ball apparently had make-up remover or rubbing alcohol on it that caused it to ignite.

    Fire investigators have not confirmed what caused the fire.

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