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Thread: reverse lay

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    Default reverse lay

    How many depts have a reverse lay on their engine's and do you use it often? Just curious.

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    We have LDH here, so our beds are hermaphrodite, and we go both ways. We are working more and more with reverse lays, ever since we got a truck. It helps leave the front of the building open. Right now, I'd say about 20% of the time is reverse, depending on time of day and staffing for the truck....

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    yea, before we got LDH, we used to have our main engine set up with half foward lay and the other half reverse lay. we accually used both about equally.
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    We're all 5" supply as well, all 3" on the rigs is set up for supplying a wye for fire attack. We don't have a truck company, and in all honesty the only time anyone has left room for a mutual aid truck was when he skidded into the scene and slid past the front of the house... Just kidding

    95% of the time the supply is laid by the second incoming engine. We'll lay our own supply if we know that the second engine was slow getting out, or if we'll be defensive on arrival.
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    Reverse lays remind me of a barn fire a while ago in a neighboring district.

    M/A Engine to Command: We are approaching the scene. Do you have an assignment?

    Command to M/A Engine: I want you to drive all the way up this lane to our engine, drop your hose, and drive all the way back to the road.

    M/A Engine: 10-4, reverse lay.

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    When I was chief , we had it both ways on the engine; forward and reverse lay.
    Since we got into LDH, I believe that we only have room for a forward lay.
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    I am heading to the station to study hose lays....
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    Eng 1 is set both ways + a skid load. Eng 3 has the LDH on a foward lay. Eng 3 will set for first in knock down while eng 1 will drop it's skid and pull the LDH back to supply, that gives us 4 1 3/4 attack lines plus a pump at supply if the primary pumper goes down.

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    All of our engines are LDH companies, but we still try to reverse lay as often as possible. We do this just in case the pump on the first-in engine goes down and then you can use that engine as a manifold and pump through it from the second-in engine.

    On short lays, usually 100'-200' the first-in engine will supply itself. The reason for this is that it is a little faster, the second-in engine can go back in service quicker, and the second-in engine is located close to the structure and can be used to pump if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefReason
    When I was chief , we had it both ways on the engine; forward and reverse lay.
    Since we got into LDH, I believe that we only have room for a forward lay.
    Just curious. What kind of LDH do you have that has to be loaded either foward or reverse? Is this something new?

    We have regular LDH (5"). Ours is set up for a forward lay. By that I mean the hydrant connection comes off the top. To reverse lay with it, just take the connection off the end and plug it into an intake. All rigs have an extra connection in a compartment to use at the hydrant when they reverse.
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