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    Is there an NFPA or ISO standard on recommended response times? If so what is the number of the standard and what does it recommend?
    thanks in advance

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    ISO deals in water flow within minutes of arrival, but they don't deal in the actual time it takes to get to the call.

    NFPA 1710 and NFPA 1720 both detail response time and staffing "recommendations". 1710 for career or combo, 1720 for volunteer or combo. Combination departments get to choose based on their staffing since 1 paid person makes it a combination just like having 1 volunteer makes it a combination. You can view the NFPA codes on their web site now, you just can't print or copy & paste them without a subscription into that section of the site.

    Also you can do searches through the web sites of the various publications to find the english version of the codes. That's the easiest means I've found sometimes.

    - Brian

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