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    Default The most tasteless game...

    I found this on my weekly visit to Ebaums World. Even amongst all the stupid games that pass through that site, this has got to be the most tasteless game I have ever found there.

    It's called New York Defender, and it is a twist on the old "Missle-Command" style arcade game. You're tasked to defend the Twin Towers from incoming aircraft, except when you can't beat it, the WTC collapses.

    New York Defender

    I don't know if the designer was intentionally trying to be this rude, or is just an ignorant kid/guy trying to be funny. Unfortunately, I can't see the humor or entertainment value in it.
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    Yeah i saw that on one of my daily trips to ebaumsworld and at first i thought that maybe this was a game that would give me a chance to virtually stick it to the terrorists, after opening it I found that instead the game makes it your fault the towers fall. It really is a tasteless game.

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    Well the pause/play button is in french...so it doesnt surprise me a french person made this game...

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