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    Hey all, tonight is my first night as a volunteer FF here in Florida, and I wanted to ask what is the typical first night of training like? I know training is constant every week, every Tuesday and Thursday, some Wednesdays, but since Im new to the department, do I jump right in? Or do I have to go through special training first for new volunteers? I do have firefighter one so I have some knowledge, but dont know what to expect on first night of training. thanks.

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    This is what happened when I first got on with ZERO experience. I jumped right into training along side everyone else. I also discovered I wasn't the only person on the department learning some of the stuff for the first time.

    Try to learn everything you can and go with the flow.

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    Where are you a Volly at?
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    Well, my first night we ended up having like 4 runs. 2 working structures an mva and an unknown problem. we only have 16 guys and 4 trucks so we ended up calling in 3 other depts to help.

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