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    Default Mufrti

    i am from michigan and i am going to be attending the residential collapse class at the summer fire school. is anyone else going ro be going to the summer fire school? what is it like? if you have been there before would you recommend going again? see you later.

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    I've not been myself yet, but I heard nothing but good things about it.

    Plus if you are single, I understand there is a decent night life.
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    I've been there a several of times and enjoyed it. Just a heads up, if you can get a room at the Capitol Plaza, that's about the nicest place I've stayed up there. Unless things have changed for this year, the Plaza's where they have the Expo and there's usually some smaller parties there, if you're interested. There's not too bad of a night life in town, it's just finding the places. I've never hit any of the after-hours joints myself, but have heard about them.

    For your classess, you'll get picked up at one of the hotels and ride a bus to the school where they host the classes. If you've got practical stuff, they'll bus you from the school to where the practicals are.

    Residential collapse is a pretty good course from what I've heard. I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip. Any questions in particular, drop me a PM or email and I'll answer them the best I can, or try to find a good answer.

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