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    Thumbs up The Da Vinci Code, you gonna go see it?

    I have read the book and I'm really interested to see what they have done with the movie.
    I think this movie will break some box office records. What a great story.

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    Heck yes!
    Read the book in a day, will be very interested to see how the movie does.
    With a book as popular and widely read as this, they HAVE to do a good job, right?

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    Not read the book, but I am always interested in stuff like that, so Yep. Wont be until next weekend maybe, but Oh ya....
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    I read the book a while ago. It was pretty good (started great, but lost momentum) so I'll probably see the movie. I don't expect the movie to have the same, but should be a good summer no-brainer. It will at least hold me over until Xmen..

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    The book was good, but I actually thought one of his other books, Angels and Demons, was alittle better. But I will definitely be seeing the movie. The religious fanatics that get so worked up about this book seem to not have noticed that it sells in the FICTION section...but whatever. sorry to ramble on!
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    I'm hoping to see it sometime during the opening weeked. I figure with Ron Howard directing and Tom Hanks in the starring role, it's going to be good.

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    Default The REAL secret of Rome!

    If someone told you that it was possible to be a Christian without being either Protestant or Roman Catholic, would you agree?

    I assume that you would say "well, they're only labels."

    But aside from that, besides the whole idea of being a "non-denomination" or some other abstract concept...
    what if someone told you that there are over 300 MILLION Christians world-wide that are neither Protestant (in all its forms) nor Roman Catholic?

    What if you found out that Roman Catholicism is actually a break off from the ONE original Church of Christ?

    Would you believe it if you were told that Roman Catholicism didn't actually exist until over a THOUSAND years AFTER Christ?!?

    For the FIRST thousand years of the Church, all bishops had equal authority. Therefore, the Pope (literally meaning: bishop of Rome) had been only ONE bishop among MANY who were ALL EQUAL!

    In 1054 A.D. the bishop of Rome arrogantly asserted that HE was the ONE SINGLE head of the Church.

    This ego-centered proclamation led to Rome falling out of communion with the ONE Church.

    HOWEVER, the Pope led those in the West to believe that it was the REST of the Church who had failed to "recognize his authority."

    Therefore, most every Roman Catholic today believes that the Pope is the ONE and ONLY successor of the Apostles.

    There is a reason why the new book "The Da Vinci Code" has generated so much interest… it is because people (as a whole) tend to have the unshakable feeling that there is something of VITAL importance that the Roman Catholic Church is keeping from the masses.

    There have been countless books and tales about such “conspiracy theories.” However, the Truth (as always) is SO much more awesome than fiction.

    The Truth about the Roman Catholic Church is that they ARE hiding something from the masses (including its own members). That “something” is the fact that the bishop of Rome (Pope) did NOT always possess the type of power that he now CLAIMS to hold.

    The fact is: the Pope has NEVER had the power he claims.

    Virtually all Protestants realize this (which is why they PROTEST the Church of Rome). However… the missing key here is this:
    you can disagree with the Pope’s assertion of supreme authority WITHOUT being a Protestant.

    This sounds like jibber-jabber nonsense… UNTIL you realize that the ONE Church of the Apostles has NEVER CEASED to exist.

    When you realize that Roman Catholicism is NOT the most ancient form of Christianity in existence… then it starts to become clear:

    Rather than run AWAY from Roman Catholicism, what if we were to run TOWARDS it and even ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT and BACK OUT THE OTHER SIDE!

    Virtually no one in the modern Western World has even realized this to be an option. Why?

    Because no one even knows that the Original Church STILL EXISTS! And, NO, it is NOT the Roman Catholic Church.

    Rather, it is the “Eastern” Orthodox Church. (ortho = correct… dox = glory)

    This is not some new fringe group trying to claim some sort of “secret” lineage that only a few in the world have ever known about.

    The Orthodox Church is the Original Church of the Apostles. Roman Catholicism came into existence when the bishop of Rome LEFT the ONE Orthodox Church.

    Ever since then (1054 A.D.) the Roman Catholic Church, led by the Pope, has marched through history with probably the WORST track record of ANY major religion in the world!

    But hear this: the Crusades, the Inquisition, the invention of purgatory, the demand that priests be celibate, EVERY thing that Protestants (along with most everyone) PROTEST are all actions and inventions of the ROMAN Catholic Church that occurred AFTER they had BROKE AWAY from the ONE Church.

    The “Eastern” (as in “east of Rome”) Orthodox Church is the ONE Original Church of the Apostles, and has NEVER had any part in ANY of the dark days of Roman Catholicism.

    The Orthodox Church is the Completeness of Truth.

    THIS is the “secret” that the Roman Church has tried to keep quiet for a thousand years!

    May God show His mercy and grant any who read this the wisdom and courage to simply take the initiative and begin to seek: just where did the Church of the Apostles go? Could it be the Orthodox Church?

    Christos Anesti!

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    I saw the movie last night, but had not read the book prior to seeing the film. As such, the movie was somewhat difficult to understand at the start, but once it got rolling I really enjoyed it. The story was incredible, and it had so many twists and turns that there was almost never a dull moment. I'd reccommend it.

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    If you are going to say "facts", then tis a fine thing to have the "facts" roughly accurate.

    check out Meet the First Pope for a FAR more factual account of the truth.

    Other resources abound as well.

    Pope Constantine was born Flavius Valerius Constantinus at Nis on Feb. 27, 280

    He died age 57.

    Very hard for him to be the First Pope in 1054 AD.
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    Thumbs up I'll see it...

    It seems every year the media begins some controversy about a film; then again, the film always end of being a big hit. I'll definately go see the movie, for my own good and to see what all the fuss is about. Besides, it looks like a good movie!

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    Default I saw it ...

    And , I really liked it.

    Tom Hanks was great as usual, I really enjoyed the story(regardless of religious implications)

    It is a long one, @ 2 hours and 20 mins. But we were very comfortable as we saw it at the drive in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowball

    Yes, and that is all i take it for.... a story....not by any means historical....i go to a catholic all boys HS and we have been talking about this pretty heavily lately and have actually had an assignment in my theology class looking up how things are talked about in the book vs. church history.......so yes, i will go to see it and just as entertainment!
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    Think I'll pass on this one. I'd read the book but I have 4 books going now and I can't finish them!

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    I don't care to support Hollywood but I read the book. "In Hollywood, it is bad to portray Christ as God in the flesh, sacrificed for our sins and resurrected as Lord of all—but it is cool to show Him hooking up with some first century, penitential, Emily Rose type chick and having a love child?"

    I'll Pass
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    No. Absolutely not!

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