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    Default Desperately need IFSAC Hazmat Tech class

    I have been unable to locate an 80hr Hazmat Technician class that meets IFSAC and that would be transferable to Colorado till next January.

    I am willing to travel anywhere to get it...I already have operations...

    Any leads?

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    Check TEEX
    or AAR/TTC in Pueblo, CO http://www.hazmattraining.com/
    80 Hours - Hazardous Materials Technician Course

    Course Duration: 10 Days
    Price: $2,310 USD

    HMT06-01 Jan 16-27, 2006
    HMT06-02 March 6-17, 2006
    HMT06-03 July 10-21, 2006
    HMT06-04 Nov 27-Dec 8, 2006

    This course is limited to 30 students to ensure maximum hands-on participation. The duration of this course is 10 days, 80 hours, divided equally between hands-on and classroom instruction. The bus will depart each morning from the Pueblo Marriott at 6:45 am sharp! Class concludes daily at 4:00 pm. Students have a free weekend between the two training weeks.
    Our Hazmat Technician course is specifically designed to familiarize the student with the widest possible variety of situations the hazardous materials responder may encounter, including railcars, highway vehicles, intermodal containers and small packages. Other modules covered will include site assessment, personal protective equipment, leak control and containment, air monitoring equipment, vapor suppression, and the incident command system.
    Classroom time and field work are carefully balanced to maximize the learning experience. Successful completion of the course will depend on academic measurements, performance checks and field response evaluations.
    Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate of completion from the Emergency Response Training Center of the Hazmat Services department of the Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
    Although this class has been specifically designed to bring students from zero knowledge to the Technician Level in 80 hours of training, Operations training in advance is recommended.
    Course Schedule:


    Introduction to Hazmat Agencies, Laws, & Standards

    What Is a Hazardous Material? DOT Placarding Requirements and Terminology


    Chemical Demonstration

    Information Sources with Exercise

    D.E.C.I.D.E. & Site Assessment with Exercise


    Respiratory Protection

    SCBA Review

    Chemical Protective Clothing

    CPC Proficiency Checks

    Respiratory Proficiency Checks

    Smoke House Field Exercise


    Response Plans

    Site Safety Practices


    Air Monitoring and Air Monitoring Practice Station


    Confinement of Spills & Containment

    Spill Recovery with Sorbents and Demonstration

    Vapor Suppression with Foam and Demonstration

    Hands-On Exercise Rotations

    Hazardous Materials in Aircraft Transportation, Marine Transportation, Pipelines, & Fixed Facility Storage Tanks

    Students have a free weekend between the two training weeks.


    Introduction to Incident Command System

    Decontamination Exercise

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    The morning section will be lecture relating to the assigned topic (Railroad Response and Operations, Cargo Tanks or Intermodal Tanks and Small Containers). Field exercises will be conducted for each afternoon relating to the assigned topic. Students will work in conjunction with the students from the Incident Commander Course


    Full-Scale response exercise with the Incident Command Class

    Exercise debrief and Critique

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    The Peublo class is full and teex classes are only 40hrs.

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    Default Classes in NC

    I'm not sure where but i kno wthere are three or four going on in NC before the end of the year. You can also check georgia tech or oklahoma state they usually run quite a few courses. ifyou still can't find anything let me know. I have more free time than i know what to do with so i might be able to look some more if you need it.

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