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    What is going on with DFD I heard they are retesting because only 9 people passed the test, if this is true when are they testing again.

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    I havent heard anything yet, just rumors. There are some concerns over how the physical testing was done also. I guess you can wait and see what happens. Here are our run stats for the first quarter of 2006:

    Stats for Jan-Apr 2006

    Unit Working Fires

    T-1-- 38
    S-1-- 38
    E-1-- 27
    T-3-- 20
    E-4-- 19
    E-2-- 17
    E-3-- 16
    T-2-- 13
    E-7-- 4

    Unit Runs

    E-3-- 506
    T-2-- 441
    E-1-- 430
    E-4-- 407
    E-2-- 355
    T-3-- 325
    S-1-- 219
    T-1-- 181
    E-7-- 147

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    Squad1LT any news on DFD in regards to retesting do you have any info?

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