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    Hello, this message is for one of my part timers in need of assistance..He is a firefighter in Wilson NC for 5 years and also works part time at 2 other departments... Hes origionally from Honduras, and recently went home and is in a desperate search of ANY extra ppe or clothing to send/take back home to his local department where he began his career. Some folks have given him hoods, pants, helments etc....but his guys are in bad shape...they have 1 defib for the whole city but they didnt have any pads, they are very poor, they had one k-12 but no blade for it...and most all windows are barred. Over 70% of the guys have no hoods or gloves....I would greatly appreciate any help or advice from my fellow firefighters to help him, as we are all in the game for the same reason! Thanks, His name is Dail Hernandez.....dhfire@firehousemail.com
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