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    I know that many request Fire Department Patches. I'm hoping that I will get your assistance as well. In October and November of 2001 I went to NYC to help where ever I could with the WTC Disaster and I'm so proud to have been able to help over 300 in the 3 weeks that I was there. The pleasure of helping them in a small way to get back on their feet after such a horific disaster. I will never regret help those that I did. 3 days before I was to return back home from the work I did there, I became ill with a dry cough, burning eyes and throat, chest tightness, sinus pain and a rash. After I returned home the illness got worse and to the point that I was unable to return to my job and was taken out of work permanently a month after I returned home. I was later to return to NYC to go threw the WTC Screening program and found that I had RADS also known as the WTC Cough and that it was permanent. I take 6 medicines 2 times a day and i'm on antibiotics off and on.
    I can no longer work my job as a Nurse Aide in the School District, I can no longer clean my house because the dust and cleaning supplies hurt my lungs, I can no longer work in my gardens because of the mold and mildew, I can not eat anything cold or go out in the winter if it is to cold. I stay away from groups of people because my resistance is low and I get sick easy. My nevers and muscles swell often, I continue to get a rash on my face and neck they can't explain why. I have medical bills that have put us in debt and I can't buy my medicine at times because of the cost and not having the money for them. Going back and forth to NYC every 6 months put us way in debt and I just don't go there anymore and doctors here do the best they can for me.
    I will be making Quilts to auction off to raise money to help me pay my medical bills and pay the debt from going to NYC. I hope that all will help by sending your Fire Departments Patch and also a Picture of your Fire Engine. My father was a Fire Chief for many years and I was always at the Fire Station and being in Disaster Services for the American Red Cross I got to know many wonderful Firemen. This is a artcle done on me so that you all know that I am ill from the WTC: Thanks for any help that you can give to me. My email address is
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    Sorry I don't have any patches, but maybe this can help. Go to They can hook you upnwith the pharmaceutical companies to get free scripts. Maybe it will help? Thanks for going to NYC and helping the people you did.

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    I am so sorry to hear that your kind heart and generosity has landed you in such a situation. My dept. is in Southern Alberta, Canada. We are in the process of getting more patches in, and when they get here I would be honored to be included in you quilt. E-mail me at with you address and I will send a patch and picture as soon as we get the patches in. I know that we can't help every person out there affected by the WTC tragedy, but I hope others will reach out and help. If you can only help one person involved in the WTC, that may give that person a glimpse of hope they may not have had before. Keep your spirits up!!

    Stirling Fire Dept

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunkers2big
    Sorry I don't have any patches, but maybe this can help. Go to They can hook you upnwith the pharmaceutical companies to get free scripts. Maybe it will help? Thanks for going to NYC and helping the people you did.


    I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances and wish you the best.

    As far as Rx med assistance programs, I would be careful with Check this out:

    I might suggest The Partnership for Prescription Assistance at:

    Merck also has a Prescription Discount Program and can be reached at 1-800-506-3725.

    Good luck,

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