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    LOCKPORT, NY - The intersection of Route 31 and 270 in the town of Lockport is divided into South Lockport Volunteer Fire Company district on the south side and Cambria Volunteer fire district on the north side. On May 21, Niagara Fire Control dispatched Cambria to a severe three-vehicle accident on the south side of the road.

    Once on scene the experienced fire chief from Cambria knew he was going to need mutual aid from a number of companies. He had an extra large Hemi pick-up pulling a trailer that slammed into a SL pick-up crushing it like tin foil trapping the driver. Both vehicles then slammed into a mid-size SUV.

    There were many injuries. Two children were removed from one of the vehicles and were sitting inside an ambulance, its stretcher removed and placed by one of the damaged cars.

    Mutual aid calls went out to paramedics from the city of Lockport, equipment from Shawnee, South Lockport, and Wendiville, and Mercy Flight Air Trauma helicopter was called into the scene.

    Cambria’s engine set up for a heavy rescue using the Jaws to try to remove the driver of the gold pick-up. Then a chiefs nightmare, FIREFIGHTER DOWN- CODE 0, an approximately 62-year-old member of the Cambria Fire Company who was sitting in the back of the ambulance watching the children, collapsed.

    The children were removed and rescue personnel started working on the victim, on the floor of the ambulance were he collapsed. They raced off to Lockport Memorial Hospital, advising the hospital via radio, defibrillation had taken place, no airway, and they needed someone to meet them at the door, the patient was not on a stretcher. These trained EMS professional knew time was not on their side and they could not waste time bringing a stretcher back to the ambulance.

    Meantime Cambria’s rescue crews worked like a well oil machine, cutting the roof off the truck in an effort to remove the driver. One member, did get caught up in the scene, he did not have his helmet or eye protection, this time he got lucky. As the roof and door were removed, the driver was secured and removed to the nearest ambulance. Once Mercy Flight touched down just feet away, the victim was transferred.

    Other crews worked on the victims left in the small SUV, their injuries not life threatening. It took a number of personnel to remove the passenger due to the extreme size of the victim. All members of the fire companies involved worked like the professionals that they are-all knowing that a brother had been sent to the hospital fighting for his life.

    The ambulances loaded, all headed to Lockport Memorial Hospital. Mercy Flight took off to the trauma center in Erie County.

    Once the scene was finally secured, the Cambria fire chief now had the hardest task to perform. Having Niagara County Fire Dispatch tone out his fire companies pager, he requested all members to report to the main hall, he needed to be the one to let them know that the firefighter, their friend, the brother, had lost his battle and had not survived.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Our prayers are with you all.

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