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Thread: Stacked Tips

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    Default Stacked Tips

    Do you guys use stacked tips in your departments for fire attack? What is the major advantage to using stacked tips in your opinion?


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    Well an advantage to a stack tip is versitility. You can use your narrowist tip for further penetration however it will provide reduced water volume. Or you can use your widest tip with reduced stream distance but higher water volume. For the most part stacked tips will give you greater distance than adjustable pattern nozzles. Given different situations each has it's purpose. Sometimes penetration is not desired, and in fact you may end up blowing something to pieces with too much pressure. But in answer to your question yes, we use stacked tips as our primary tip on all of our master streams and most of our 2.5's. We do carry adjustables though in the compartment in case conditions dictate otherwise. Such as cooling tanks or exposures. I think it varies a lot on where you are. Another one of those east coast vs west coast things, thank goodness the east coast is always right.

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    For what application are you referring? handline or master stream. What are you looking to compare it to?

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    A master stream stacked tips are fine, you don't always have (or need) a 1000 gallons per minute.
    For a handline it isn't so useful anymore. I would have to guess the playpipe was used extensivly when their wasn't 1.5 or 1.75" handlines. So you could use the 1", 1 1/8", or 1 1/4" tip depending on the situation.
    The large playpipe is difficult to work with and the ladder hook is downright dangerous.
    So on a handline I'd say it isn't useful anymore but on the masterstream it has some versitility.

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    We use the following knobs on our 1-3/4" attack lines:

    Solid bore 15/16" X 1/2" stack. 15/16" at 50 NP = 185 GPM. The 1/2" is used for overhaul at a low NP & GPM. Major advantages are: low cost, sturdy, won't clog, good knockdown power, excellent stream penetration (stream doesn't vaporized as easily as a fog nozzle straight stream), stream impact capable of taking windows & drywall, stream reach, & compact footprint. Disadvantages are ???????????? I'll try to think of some. Oh yeah, some say they are not good for hydraulic ventilation, but they seem ok to me.

    Vindicator Heavy Attack, 250 GPM at 50 NP. Considering changing the first 100' to 2-1/2" to reduce FL and thus reduce Pump Pressure.

    SM-20 FG, fog, 200 GPM at 100 NP

    They are all probably underpumped to often, due to nozzlemen wanting to walk around with the knob, especially the fog line.
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    In my mind, the biggest disadvantage of the stacked tip is that most people are going to use the smalles tip because that's the one that is already there when you grab it. Fortunately this is a problem that's easily solved with a little training.

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    Default Amen brother.....

    Quote Originally Posted by ullrichk
    In my mind, the biggest disadvantage of the stacked tip is that most people are going to use the smalles tip because that's the one that is already there when you grab it. Fortunately this is a problem that's easily solved with a little training.
    It amazes me how many people pull out the big gun, for big fire, but leave the little tip and end up getting less than 250 gpm. Ponderous.
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    Oh. Tips. Sorry.

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    Stacked tips on the master stream only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcaldwell
    Stacked tips on the master stream only.

    Same here. Slugs on the 2 1/2" pre-connects, although we do have a play pipe w/ stacked tips in a compartment if needed.
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