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    Default Audio failure in Scott NXG2 4.5 Air-Pak

    The Austin TX. Fire Dept. is having some issues with an intermittent audio failure in our SCOTT AIR-PAKs Model NXG2 4.5.

    The audio system that includes the PASS alarm intermittently fails on many of the units. Sometimes turning the unit off and back on fixes the problem. The Air Shops are swapping computer boards, which seems to be correcting the problem at least temporarily.

    Wondering if anyone else was having similar issues.

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    We were the first in the midwest to receive the Scott NXG2, we received both 2.2 (25) and 4.5's (12), so I have been dealing with them since the beginning. The first batch had more than acceptable level of failures, both audible and extremely short battery life. After several attempted repairs and a few letters to Scott, we received replacements for all our packs. Batch number two worked flawlessly, until a few months ago they performed a "flash" reprogram, since then we have again been experiencing the same issues. The "Tech Team" has determined both the computer boards "and" battery sticks are the issue, we have the parts on order and the team from Scott is scheduled to make the repairs. The apparent problem has been the "outsource" and lack of quality control with the electronics packages. I was instrumental in our department making the switch from MSA to to Scott, I feel the NXG2 was the right choice, however I am beginning to wonder is this product was not pushed to market a little to quick. The upside is all the failures have been electronic in nature, never affecting the airflow or operations of the SCBA itself. Scott has used me as a reference for thier product and I still have confidence in the Nexgen line, however I hope they have seen the light that outsourcing such critical parts is not always cheaper in the long run. In talking to some more recent customers, they have not been experiencing the problems with the units that we or you are experiencing, so hopefully it has been addressed and fixed. If you would like further details on my experience and findings with this product, send me PM and I'll get you my email or phone number.
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    Thanks Todd,

    I'll get this to our air shop guys.

    Sounds very much like what we are going threw. Swapping mother boards appears to fix the problem.

    As you stated the actual operation of the air supply system is not effected.

    The fact that the PASS alarm system has issues is a concern.

    Thanks again for the good info.

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