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    Default funding from neighboring dept.?

    Any volunteer departments out there who receive funding from a neighboring department that you cover for because of their lack of manpower?

    If so how did it come about? I.E. Did your department approach them? Did they offer the funding? ………….?

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    Just remember that the manpower situation can in a few years be reversed around here it seams to cycle. we were in that boat where we need the help reguarly and we received it willingly from our neibors. now when they are down on peoply we are able to return the favor and we are happy to help. before you start talking about charging think of the long term possibilites

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    Excellent reply. My department currently runs quite a bit of mutual aid, and much of it is to one department. I have always been preturbed by the amount we respond there on our budget. You made me realize that we may need there help at one point to. So lets all remember the first word of mutual aid.


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